this past weekend was filled with all kinds of color…seeing beautiful fish while snorkeling, watching a barracuda swim around us looking for food, picking up peanut’s poop and cleaning up pee off the floor, painting our dining room “hot ember” red and our living room gold (i was very proud of my “painter’s son” husband, and eating the freshly caught mahi-mahi over a warm corn and bean salad that aaron caught on his fishing trip. it’s been great to cook with our own things since our express shipment got here on wednesday…it’s like Christmas in april. sleeping on your own sheets (with a matress cover!!!), drying off with a soft towel and not a crusty one, and cooking in pans that don’t burn are such nice things in life. don’t take yours for granted.

i’ve applied at three schools to substitute teach…one of the Christian schools i applied at is looking for a science teacher for 6-12. that would be one teacher, 7 grades, and 7 different lesson plans. i passed on that one since i actually would like a life outside of work. i almost started laughing when they told me what they were looking for…

anyone know of a good place to look for ideas for drapes/curtains? i’m kinda having internet researching blocks. when we get our stuff in this week (hopefully) i’ll put some picts up of our house.


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