i wanted to take a moment this morning to let everyone know how proud i am of my husband. this past weekend the XO of the squadron told aaron that he has impressed many people and will probably be getting a new job this week…and yesterday he was given the new job of division officer of the 1st lieutenant office. that means he’s pretty much in charge of making sure most things work, new guys are doing their jobs, and most things are going smoothly for the actual HSC-25 building…toilets, bathrooms, maintenance stuff, food for the snack shop ordered, and many other things that we don’t even know about. it’s going to be much work, but i know God has definitely placed him there for a reason where he will have great influence on many of the guys under him…i’ll just be taking him dinner a lot at the squadron. you can also pray for me a job so i have something to do.

also, he was recruited by some AForce friends to swim in a relay race this morning and he smoked everyone. he swam a 5:39 400m. while everyone was talking about him i just smiled and thought, “that’s my boy.”

thanks for listening to my rambling about my husband. i know he would never post any of this so i thought i would.


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