would anyone like some rain??

The rainy season has begun…after almost a week of raining most of each day, I truly believe Guam does have a rainy season. Today (Saturday) we’re stuck in the house because it’s been downpouring in sheets since we got up…just an excuse to hang out and do nothing. Our 4th of July was spent trying to win free trips. I know, it sounds kinda lame, but to get anyone to any kind of event (whether here on base or out in town) they have to bribe everyone that free trips to Hong Kong, Palau, Australia, or other islands will be given away. Sadly enough we entered the drawing here on base at the festival where they had all kinds of free food and entertainment (in the heat of the day) to get nothing and then on the 4th, we did a treasure hunt scuba dive where you dove for golf balls hoping you could win a prize by getting one. Well, we did get golf balls amidst the 192 other people diving (that’s a lot for those of you that haven’t been diving), but no winnings. Oh well, we know better next time.
I went hiking twice…once with Jen (my friend and co-worker at Inafa’ Maolek) to Tarzan Falls where there are about 4-5 waterfalls…we and our dogs were covered in mud. It was awesome. And then we took a treacherous hike with our friends Nick and Lucy with their 1 year old son, Luke, to Fadian Cove. Words can’t express how badly our faces and bodies would have been rearranged if any of us would have fallen with all the sharp coral…but we made it.

Not many other interesting things have happened other than last night when I became a “mom.” We were at a Hunter Safety Center meeting and there was this little girl that kept thinking I was her mom and would cry and scream because her daddy wouldn’t let her come to me. I was told I looked exactly like her mother who wasn’t there. Aaron was laughing so hard and we were all trying to keep her quiet so I just held her for a little while and then she and her dad had to leave. She was like 18 months old…it was hilarious.


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  1. hello friendjust wanted to send you a quick message that amy is pregnant!! I guess that “natural method” was too natural…anyways she wants you to know so if she calls to tell you pretend like you don’t know ok! Love you!Katy

  2. HOLLIE!!Hey hol!! oh man, i haven’t talked to you in SO long!!! how are you?? how’s guam?? wow…i sure do miss you!! senior year went by so fast!! i’m doing great!!…but i mustsay, i’m getting so nervous about going to college!! i’m going to tulsa!! yay!!…i’m really excited!! i was wondering if you could tell methe church in tulsa that’s like fellowship?? ah, i would love to talk to you!!! i hopeall is well!! i miss you hollie!!love,kristenmy e-mail’s kristen-diacon@utulsa.edu

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