I have the greatest husband. Last night he made me cookies without chocolate in them. And then today I was working hard in my office at work when I heard a loud whoosh whoosh whoosh from outside…so I ran outside to see my hubby that came to visit me at work as he flew circles over the campus here at school. How many of you have husbands that come visit you at work in a helicopter? That’s what I thought…
Things here are going well…just busy with work. We had a “ministry fair” here at school last week to show the students all the different churches/organizations they could be involved in this year. It was kinda like the CAUSE bash at ole’ JBU…and it was fun. This week my big task has been simplifying the English for our discipleship group material before those begin next week. But I’m loving it here…I love working with people from so many different cultures and learning all kinds of things like how wonderful turtle meat is…that most students prefer kool-aid to pop…and that most girls from Micronesia speak really really really softly (Daddy, you would have lots of trouble here).
More to come of funny stories, but I gotta get back to work. Our hearts go out to those Steve Irwin fans out there…and noMom, we don’t swim very often with stingrays.


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