I have realized that I have finally arrived…at least I was supposed to think that at the Navy Junior Officer’s Spouses Meeting I went to that attempted to tell me what it means to be a Navy wife. They went through all kinds of topics like deployments and what was hardest about it, thank you notes and how you must write them three days after the event, and my favorite was that everyone should have a 12 plate setting of white dishes because they can go with every theme of every party you are hosting. I hope you’re smiling right now because I sure was…the places I find myself in since I “joined the Navy” are sometimes very entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was great information but I think the food was the best part of the night.

There are other strange things that have become a routine part of my life in the military that most of you would consider wierd so I thought I would share:
–Every day at 5:00 Colors happens (the National Anthem plays while they take the flag down) and whether you are driving your car, swimming in the pool, or mowing your yard, you MUST stop and either pull over, get out of the pool (yes this has happened to me), or turn off your mower and salute.
–When I decide to go to the Commissary to get groceries, I can only get in if I show my ID and the baggers only work for tips…don’t forget the cash.
–When I come back on base after going out to work or wherever, I go through a security gate where they check everyone’s IDs in the car…your screwed if you forget.
–The speed limit is enforced like no where I have ever seen–slow down for school zones (the Security Forces guy is standing out on the corner with a radar gun to get your speed). BUT, when a dependent (that’s me) gets a ticket or pulled over, it goes on your sponsor’s base record (that’s Aaron!).
–There is no such thing as a 24 hour store like Wal-Mart to get some ice cream at 2am.
–If you drive your vehicle on certain roads on base, you could be tackled and have a gun in your face in a few moments.
–Every Tuesday is trash and lawn day. If your lawn is more than 3 inches tall, you could get a ticket (3 tickets and you get booted from Housing).
–There is a place on base called “self-help” which has gardening suplies, boonie bee spray (to kill the horrible bees here), citronella candles, and many other home goods for free.
–You can only bring 7 guest on base at a time with you.
–You cannot have your dog outside if it’s not on a leash and you must pick up all it’s poop (unless it poops in someone’s yard you don’t like or know).
–You must wear reflective belts or gear if you are out at night.

–Our favorite game at night (especially after it rains) is Frogger. Yes, there are so many HUGE frogs here that Peanut loves to chase. But we will drive through housing and see how many we can hit. What else do you do for entertainment on an island???
By learning these few things about my life, wouldn’t you say I have arrived? ha.

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