Christmas on Guam

Needless to say, it’s a little strange to walk outside on Christmas day and be wearing shorts with the sun brightly shining. But we’re not going to complain. Our holidays were filled with lots of moving, cleaning, and unpacking, but we managed to get in some festive celebrating. Christmas Eve began with a very nice sit down dinner with six of our HSC-25 friends at Kate and Kyle’s house. Aaron fried two turkeys and it was yummy! We all went to the Candlelight service on base at the Chapel…it was great but I don’t know why they didn’t turn the lights out once all our candles were lit. There’s just nothing that beats JBU’s Candlelight Service.
Christmas day Aaron had to work some in the morning so after he returned, we ate breakfast with our neighbors and great friends, the Goepner’s. They have 4 great kids…we watched them open presents. Nancy was nice enough to make sure I had a stocking for hygiene Santa to visit.
After this I sent Aaron on a scavenger hunt for his gift…he ended up going to many different places in our neighborhood to end up at the Harken’s to find his gift. He was excited about his new hunting knife and sharpening kit. I was excited about the new hammock Aaron gave me to place between our two trees outside to enjoy the incredible view of the ocean. (Our new house’s view isn’t too shabby.)

After hanging out and doing more laundry (we had to wash all of our clothes before we could unpack them in our new house to not spread any mold spores) we went over to the Harken’s again for games and more food. We had a blast playing Would You Rather and wearing our little crowns from the poppers we opened (it’s a Harken tradition). This game is hilarious if you haven’t played…for example, you have to decide if you would rather have a trumpet go off every time you expelled gas or have extremely bad body odor all the time no matter how much you showered. We recommend you play for some serious laughs.

And since most of you have forgotten what we look like (at least our parents are begging for a new photo) here are some recent photos…


One thought on “Christmas on Guam

  1. I cant believe u have a blog….u have to use blogspeek if u are going to have 1. rookie….and u make your man hunt for his present on xmas day?? o ya, and the view is good at the new house, huh? whazzup 1045 rota. been there before.

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