ok…the thailand trip. after spending a week in vietnam, we went to thailand.
the basics: we spend a few days in bangkok hanging out with hollie’s old friends. we got thai ‘massages’ the first night there. mine massage-lady did everything but put a bright light in my face and scream ‘Gives us zee informa-shon’ (German-ish accent), as she torqued and tortured me…and being the idiot i am, i sat and took it all even though hollie told me the word for ‘hurt’. i was sore for three days. hollie’s massage was ‘the worst she ever had’…her massage lady barely touched her. the upside…it was 6 bucks each and we got another massage at a different joint later which was much better and helga the torture lady didn’t show up.

after a few days in bangkok, we went to Kanchanburi (home of bridge of the river kwai). there was a special ‘bridge week’ with a festival (or county fair…if you prefer). we were driven around the back of a truck (taxi) to a monkey school where i learned monkeys stink, to an elephant farm…where it was 20 buck each to ride an elephant…and we said we would rather just imagine riding an elephant, and to a water fall which was free…and we played in the waterfall. that evening we went to the ‘light and sound’ show at the bridge. the headsets for the narrator’s translation into english didn’t work…so we sat and watched the light and sound clueless. a thai county fair is very similar to east Texas…except you have bugs instead of turkey legs to eat.

the next day we went to erawan waterfall national park. entrance for white people: 10bucks. entrance for thai people: 50cents. i’ll be coming back real soon. the park was beautiful and on the hike down from the top waterfall…hollie broke her foot. of course i convinced her it was only a sprain (and made her walk on it for the next 5 days).

the night before leaving i came down with a serious fever and eventually went to the emergency room at 5:00am. the hospital was super nice, i had no wait, the doc spoke great english, i was out the door by 6:30am and the bill was 43bucks. take that managed care!

the trip was a really great time and it was super cool to hang out with the thai christians and see the very lost country they live in. in all the people were super nice, the city was very clean and the dollar really stretched…highly recommended. just skip the county fair.


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