The Med-Evac to Woleai

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to accompany 12 of the PIBC students I work with on a mission trip to Yap. Yap is part of the Federated States of Micronesia which is southwest of Guam (find it on the map!) and has a very unique culture. Some of our students are from Yap and so visiting gave me such great insight into their culture and understanding them. I’ll post more picts about that later, but one of the HUGE highlights for the trip was going on a med-evac with Peter Richert (missionary pilot on Yap for Pacific Missionary Aviation) to one of the outer islands of Yap. As you can tell from the picts, this island is a tiny atoll with about 400 people on it. They wear the traditional clothing (women wearing skirts called lava-lavas and men wearing loin cloths called a thu) and have incredible traditional cultural skills. The man we went to take back to the hospital was diabetic and needed an amputation. We landed on the tiny landing strip and once we turned the plane around, the villagers came out of the bushes….it was incredible. They surrounded the plane and as passengers loaded, I stood back and took some picts. It is culturally insensitive to take pictures without asking permission so I was limited in how many I could take, but I hope you have a small grasp of what it was like. The final picture is flying back to Yap where the ambulance was waiting at the airport to take the patient. Peter (the pilot) is quite a servant and has such a testimony of God’s faithfulness…visiting with he and his family was a real treat for me. If only Aaron could have been along on the plane…

2 thoughts on “The Med-Evac to Woleai

  1. Hey wow..great..but i dont think you need permission cuz da islanders really like their pictures taken..i should know cuz i am from the island your talkin about..home island of Falalop Woleai

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