Holdin’ down the fort on Rota Drive

Peanut and I have made it almost 2 1/2 weeks without Aaron and neither of us have had to make a trip to the hospital. Things are quiet around here but I’m just trying to stay busy. I had a friend of a friend that became my friend stay with me for the past two weeks, so it was good to have another body in the house. Tara loved Peanut and took her everywhere with her…Peanut even made it to Chamorro Village last Wednesday night and everyone loved her.

Not much is happening…I go to work, take students to ministry, work out, eat the single girl meals (I’ve missed that!), and take Peanut on long walks at night. It’s getting really hot now so the night walks are great.

Since we haven’t seen many of you in forever I thought I’d post a recent picture of me and my husband (isn’t the skinhead with the growing mustache nice?). I just realized today how much I have aged…moving closer to 30 is showing up in my face. Kinda scary.


3 thoughts on “Holdin’ down the fort on Rota Drive

  1. aged?? Hollie Schaub, for the love, you are beautiful! ever since you got married, you have this wonderful glow about you. glad to see you are doing well!Love, Joy

  2. Hey, Babe, you are beautiful & you look like you’re at least 25. Aaron, too! Hardly recognized him w/no hair…he’s keeping cool.Love, momPeanut isn’t quite as good looking as his owners! :0) But, she is cute and a great companion!

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