how to transport a camel

only on this side of the world does a camel get a ride in a chevy half ton. there is hope for general motors.

things are ok over here…lots of hurry up and wait. had a few medevacs lately, but i haven’t flown much. i think my wife is on her way to the states by now.
highlight of the day – they served baskins robbins cookies and cream at dinner tonight.
kuwait numbers so far:
days in theater – 30
flight hours – 10.3
12hr duty shifts – 4
baskin robbins consumed – about 30 scoops
colors i’ve seen outdoors other than brown – 2 (green and light brown)
number of people added to the ‘i’d vote you off the island’ list – 3
days until i get to see a beautiful woman – 90 at least

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