2008 so far

Since most of you that read this are many hours behind us, I just wanted to report that 2008 is okay so far. Unfortunately there are no huge “After-holiday sales” here in which to partake. Since we only have one season, there are not really any new spring fashions coming out soon. But that’s okay…I’ll take the warm over months of scraping ice and snow.
Our Christmas was pretty quiet. After opening gifts and then eating breakfast with some neighbors, we took down all the Christmas decorations and had our tree out on the curb by 1pm. What else was there to do? And the tree was seriously beyond dead–but at least we had a real one (thanks to Home Depot’s arrival on island). Christmas evening we ate dinner with some friends and played Cranium on their Wii and are now convinced we would love one…too bad they are so hard to get these days.

On another note, this past year we managed to live together for about six months and this year it will probably be less due to the upcoming longer det for Aaron. He is posted to leave in about 4 weeks and I’ll head back to Cali for grad school in about two weeks. Hope to see many of you in the next six months or so…Happy 2008!


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