Let the journey begin

It’s very difficult to explain all the range of emotions that come right before a husband and wife are to separate and live totally different lives for an unknown amount of time. You wonder how often you’ll be able to talk, how well you’ll connect, how fast or slow time will go by, and if you’ll be able to make it through another long and often lonely time. But somehow the human spirit is able to do things (with the strength from God) you don’t want or think you can do.

If all goes as plans, I’ll soon be on a jet plane (refueler at that) heading to California to begin another semester. Here are some picts from a happy time this past weekend…enjoy some of our last few moments together before I head east and he goes west.


5 thoughts on “Let the journey begin

  1. Hollie & Aaron – You’ve been on my heart so much over the past week. I’m praying that Jesus will be everything for each of you during your time apart. Please keep posting so I can pray specifically for you both.

  2. My dearest Hollie! I really enjoyed reading your email and catching up on your life!! Well, I’m sure you’ve heard but I got married this past week! would love to catch you up soon. Also, exciting news– amy & ben hall will be moving to guam in april, if you guys will still be there! lets catch up soon friend!! love you

  3. Holly,I LOVE the brown toned pictures (they have a name for those but I can’t remember what it’s called). We’ve seen Aaron more in the last few days than the whole time you were here! We’ll see him again on Friday. He invited the girls to swim at the base. I’m going to bring him some homemade cookies to thank him for helping Christian get his computer.

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