Just for those of you that haven’t ever been to the places where Aaron and I grew up (Oklahoma and Texas), this is not what our families used for a porch swing. Although there are probably some people that did this kind of thing, our families chose things a bit classier. I must say, however, that this swing looks much more comfy than some wood porch swings I have sat in. Maybe this is what we should have done with our moldy furniture in Guam…can you imagine that hanging between our two palm trees in the back yard overlooking the golf course? I’m sure the Air Force would have LOVED that and would have notified us to immediately, if not sooner, remove it.


2 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Oh Hollie, that’s hilarious!!! Hey, the next time you or any of your getting-larger-all-the-time family would like to come visit, we’re almost done building our new house! I’ve started my own blog site, partly because of how much I’ve enjoyed yours, if you would like to see some pics: ( Brad and I have always enjoyed reading about your adventures. Keep posting! Oh, and if you haven’t already found it, I have really enjoyed reading Beth Moore’s blog: ( Hope to see you next time you’re travelling this way!Britany

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