Nerds and Addicts

I have not posted in awhile, so I figured I should give you all some insight into my (and my detachment’s) life on our deployment.

When our det is busy, life is pretty hetic with lots of flying, coordinating with other units and keeping our aircraft maintained. However, there are days when little is going on. There is only so much training you can do, and computer access is very limited. So in our down time, we have become addicts of Xbox 360. Addicts is a strong word, but a good night of playing Halo 3 will give us conversation for a week.

My personal drug is Guitar Hero III, and the group drug is Halo 3. We’ve introduced our boss to the game and created a monster. The game allows you to replay the previous games from most any angle on any player…so you can go back and watch frame-by-frame as you run your boss over with your Humvee (and laugh).

Thanks for all the emails and encouragement. I hope everyone is doing well. Congrats again to my big brother, Melanie and my first nephew (blood relative) Noah.


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