Flat Katie Loving

I was accompanied by Flat Katie (my little cousin on a paper body) for the past week on different adventures….this is a project for her class. Here you go, Katie!

The story:
Once flat Katie arrived in Anaheim, California, I had to get her some new clothes since it is nice and sunny and warm here! Her cute skirt, tank top, and new orange flip-flops were perfect for California! She was busy while she was here…

She got to accompany some friends of mine, Alec and Nathan, to Disneyland for the afternoon. You can see her at the entrance of Disneyland, by the ferris wheel, and other places….she got to ride some scary rides and had a blast!

A few days later, she went to the beach….Newport Beach and Huntington Beach (which is famous for surfing). She got to watch the waves come in and see a sailboat out in the distance.

She came along with me to school at Biola University one day and sat at the fountains to study with some girls….then we went swimming at Biola’s pool….and then she even posed with some Biola signs.

And last but not least, she got to go with some friends to eat at In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out is the place to get the best local burgers and fries….it is known around the world for its great hamburgers. It’s way better than McD’s….and it’s a ‘must-do’ thing when you come to California!

Glad she could come visit….Flat Katie, you’re welcome back anytime!


3 thoughts on “Flat Katie Loving

  1. Hi Hollie,So good to see your smiling face at the shower for Samantha. We miss you around here. There was a car wash for the missions trips today at the Lutheran Church. Our car is looking much cleaner.Hope to see you this summer. We fly into LAX on the 14th of May.Love Joyce

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