Pushing to the finish line

Since we both got home to Guam a few weeks ago, we have both been in survival, push-through, tough it out, hold on until the rain stops mode. As my friend, Katie, would say, ‘Put your head down and power through.’ Not that being in the same place and actually living with my spouse has been the hard part (that’s been great)….but all the life craziness and stresses that snuck up on us.

With three papers down and four more to go in the next weeks, the roles at the Schaub household have somewhat flipped. Not that Aaron didn’t help out before, but guess who cooks, cleans, grocery shops, does the laundry, answers the phone, mows the lawn, and cleans the car? Aaron is an all-star husband and I’ll take a moment tonight to share how grateful I am.

We helped host a squadron progressive dinner two weeks ago and I really needed to work on papers….so Aaron pretty much cooked the whole meal for ten people and cleaned the house. His boss’ wife asked if I loaned him out and I said no.

Last weekend PIBC students and staff came to the beach on base for our fall retreat/campout and guess who did most of the set-up and clean-up? Yep.

Although the studying and papers and tons of work responsibilities will come to an end in a few weeks and I will resume my normal domestic duties, I love that my husband is more than willing to step it up, get things done, and power through with me. I don’t think I’ll ever trade him.


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