Fishing, sewing, and reunions

That sums up our summer so far. We did some traditional ‘ancestry worship’ at the Schaub reunion in Gatesville and it was a good time getting to meet many of Aaron’s cousins. Lots of great Schaub food and good talks with people. The picnic at Stump Dickey’s and fishing with little frogs as our bait was the highlight for sure.

Then on to Oklahoma we went the next weekend to celebrate the 4th in Fairview. We stopped through Norman for the night on the way there to see Alan and Lori. Good times with sweet family. We then stopped through Stillwater to eat at Eskimo Joe’s since Aaron had never been there (and we drink out of the cups every day). I must say I wasn’t as impressed as I was in high school with EJ’s. It was fun to see OSU again and to hang out with Ang and Brynn for a bit.

It was a treat to see Tera, Karm, and Alli over the weekend (a semi-POG reunion). It’s great to have friends that have been a part of your life for a long time. Too bad I don’t have pictures of all of us.

While in Fairview we went fishing several times out in Cheyenne Valley where Daddy and Aaron caught some nice fish. Mom was the infamous grasshopper catcher. Then on to the Fairview fireworks show where I got to see all kinds of random people like Coach V, my high school ass’t basketball coach who still looks the same, is still great, and faithfully called me ‘Hollis.’ With Karm and Jim we went fishing, climbed Lone Peak, and experienced the new aquatic center in Fairview. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Summer is by far the best time to go back to the farm. The Holstein cattle out on the green pasture, the yummy garden fresh food, riding four-wheelers, long days with beautiful sunsets, eating dinner outside, and time to sit and talk. I was enjoying it so much I didn’t really take any pictures of the weekend. You’ll just have to imagine how great it was.

Momma Pam came back to Corpus with us to do a little sewing for the nursery and other other projects that needed to be complete. She was a sewing fool and I did what I could to keep her fed, happy, and cool. I’ll have to get some picts of that. Daddy came down to pick her up and he brought lots of flour for me to keep baking. More on that later.

It’s good to be home for a while…we’re keeping the Beadles kids next week so we’re resting up.


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