Camp Corpus with the Schaub’s

Hudson. 5.

Jack. 7.

Riley. 3.

Rex. 3.

The Beadles kids have had their fair share of attending many camps this summer…including Camp Mimee, Family Kamp, and Camp Corpus. Hopefully this past week was as good as the others. Aaron and I wanted to spend time with them to give their parents a break and so we could get to know them a little better. (We also hoped the kids would stop calling us Uncle Grant and Aunt Angie over the week’s time.)

We did a lot…swim, beach, aquarium, beach, swim, backyard bible club, reading, bathing, painting, art projects, waterbottle squirting wars, touring Uncle Aaron’s aircraft, and eating lots of PB&J. Not only did they wear us out, I think we managed to wear them out every day.

As we painted our ‘fort,’ some of us were very serious and some decided it was more fun to paint themselves. The ‘sticky people’ were very fun and we had a blast playing, chasing, and getting to know their little personalities.

Nauman kids, I think we’ll wait ’til next summer.


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