The home stretch and transition

It’s hard to believe this pregnancy is in its 33rd week and life will soon be very different. ‘Just the two of us’ will not be a consistent theme as it is at the present. Feeding another mouth, changing diapers, soothing a crying infant, and trying to maintain some sanity while marching on through life seems a bit daunting at times. Worth it? Yes. (So I’m told.)

The past few weeks have also been the home stretch of our time here in Corpus with the Richerson’s. For those of you who haven’t met these fabulous people, it’s really too bad since they are so great. It all began over a year ago when Aaron was in Japan on deployment when he met John and Lisa at a small English speaking church service. They hung out, ate Japanese food, and took a quick likening to each other. Last fall when we received word we were headed to Corpus, a quick email from John told us they were also going to be in Corpus this summer/fall. When Aaron arrived here in March, he ‘bumped’ into them while speed dating churches. From that point on, we pretty much have been hanging out with them.

Building brick patios, fishing picnics at the beach, life group, cooking together, late evening conversations, spending time with their kids, sharing a passion for Thai people, dreaming about feeding the hungry, and even living together the past few weeks are just a few highlights. John and Lisa are some of those rare people you meet and just can’t get enough of. Their love for life, for people, for Jesus, for simplicity and beautiful things, and for things like good gourmet food and challenging books cause anyone near them to immediately latch on. They are genuine to the core and have the ability to love people where they are, while challenging them to not stay there. It’s rare you find a couple where both the husband and wife genuinely connect with the other husband and wife…they have been this for us.

Connor and McKenzie, their 12 and 11 year old kids, are phenomenal. They are respectful, fun, crazy smart, and would make anyone want to have kids. These two will welcome two more siblings soon to arrive from Poland. The Richerson’s are awaiting a court date where their two new sons/brothers, Andrew and Michael (about the same ages as Connor and McKenzie) will join their family. Though the road ahead is going to be full of crazy transitions, we trust God’s grace will be very real to them as the boys learn English, experience family life, gain siblings, and move to America amidst many other things. While we wish we could be spectators of this great transition, how proud and excited we are to know people who are willing to ‘graft into their vine’ two more hearts. They have been and will continue to be great role models for us of how to do this…

Transition…it’s what we in the military learn to do well. At least, we hope. We move, we travel, we’re separated from loved ones, we change churches, we change schools, we look for friends quickly at new locations, we travel a lot, and some of us really enjoy the change of new houses/neighborhoods/churches/communities since it enriches and expands your view of life. While the goodbyes are sweet and time is short with people you love, there is always a chance you could be stationed again with people (the Navy really is small) you love (or don’t love).

The Richerson family has been nothing short of a gift and we look forward to many more years of both long, and hopefully short, distance relationships. Now we gotta find some more friends here in Corpus.


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