SAMUEL RONALD SCHAUB arrived yesterday, 10-12-09 at 12:41pm. Aaron & Hollie are tired, to say the least, but doing well. I’ll let them tell you about the details (let’s just say that epidurals are a very good thing). They will be home from the hospital tomorrow.

Sam weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20.75 inches long…he’s beautiful.
I will say it is very weird to see my baby sister with her own baby! He is grandson #2 for the Schaubs and grandson #5 for the Voths (#8 total).

Congrats, Aaron & Hollie! Can’t wait to meet my new nephew!
Aunt Heather

13 thoughts on “IT’S A BOY!!!

  1. Alright!!! Way to go!!! We've been praying and wondering ever since the "false alarm" a few days ago. I hope all are well. Love you guys,Steve and Anne

  2. He really is beautiful! I feel like post-term babies come out looking less wrinkled and cuter all around. I can't wait to hear the story of his arrival. Hope you manage to get some good rest in over the next few weeks. Love you guys!!!!!

  3. "How sweet to hold a new born baby…." I still cry when I sing those words. May I say it is so strange to see my baby cousin that I held as a baby holding her own baby. Sam (LOVE THE NAME) is just precious and a really beautiful baby! LOVE YA!Jana

  4. Hey Aaron and Hollie,Congratulations from Guam. If you were here, you could take him to the spiritual emphasis retreat to show him off in the rain. Joel said that Samuel is "the cutest baby he's ever seen in his life." He's very happy that you had a boy. God bless you lots and lots.Love,Ned, Marisol, Joel and Amelia

  5. Many congrats my friend! You will love being a mom. The only advice I can give is to sleep when he sleeps and don't feel guilty about the house being a mess. You just have to give yourself time to recover and enjoy this new bundle of joy! I am planning to mail you a package so keep an eye out for it – I'll send some boy clothes now that we know the gender.Love,Elisabeth

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