The first week

What a first week it has been! After our four day check up on Friday with the pediatrician, Sam was a bit jaundice so we had to ‘bake’ him under the billi-blanket all weekend. He was a trooper and doesn’t have the tinge of yellow he did. He was released from blanket captivity yesterday and seems to be doing well in the eating department. He’s already about 4 oz over his birth weight. We have a good German eater, friends.

My sister came down for an extended photo shoot of Sam and I think he has the most documented life for a week old so far…I think she shot around 500+ picts. I get to go through those today…below is a sneak peak. Heather was awesome and I think we got some great shots of Sam.

So far Sam has been a super great baby…sleeping a lot and eating consistently every 3 hours…and letting mom and dad get some rest too. Even more reason to love him.

The first bath…I think he was a bit cold and didn’t enjoy it too much.


8 thoughts on “The first week

  1. You two make beautiful babies!! What a blessing to have a cooperative fella like Sam. Connor was similar. He was so agreeable we became pregnant with McKenzie 6mos later. 🙂 We miss you guys!!! Blessings.

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