It’s that time of year again…and I can’t believe Thanksgiving snuck up on us so quickly. We took a trip to Nacogdoches to spend time with Aaron’s family before Thanksgiving. We would all be together for Christmas but since a family with two pilots has difficulty finding time off, we take what we can get. An early Christmas break with them and good time to hunt for the guys. Aaron shot a doe. Nathan shot Bambi (they seem bigger than they truly are sometimes).

My activities were a bit limited since Sam eats every 3 hours…but he has begun stretching out his evening sleep time. We had a great time…great food…and beautiful weather. We actually got a picture of all of us somewhat happy and looking at the camera. That is a challenge, let me tell you.

Then to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving with the Voth clan. With 9 kids and 8 adults in one house, it gets a little chaotic, but fun. We arrived a few days before my sisters did and we’re glad we got some time with my parents before everyone came. We had a bonfire, played on the incredible rope swing the guys put up in the hay loft, climbed the gloss mountains (see Heather’s blog for a beautiful sunset shot), ate lots of good food, watched the big kids hold the babies, laughed really hard, and had a great time. Most

Riley (3) checking out Sam.

Elli (8) holding Sam. Jack (7) holding Landree.

Family really is a gift…love to be with them as it’s such a vivid reminder how richly blessed we are.


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