Seven Weeks = Sleep

Don’t you love the sweet beanie? Some great friends living in Belgium sent Sam some Euro clothing and the French writing on them is my favorite part.

Sam was weighed at the beginning of the seventh week and weighed in at 11.53 lb. Three days later, he weighed 12 lb exactly. This was also the magical week where he began sleeping through the night. 7-8 hours, friends. This is a gift. I just pray it continues. He began sleeping in his snuggly sleep sack and he seems to love it.

Other things he’s doing:
Always holding his head up (he’s been doing this a long time though)
Smiling and almost laughing
Cooing, especially when we sing to him
Watching everything going on around him
Eating every 3-4 hours (packing on the pounds)
Bringing us so much joy


5 thoughts on “Seven Weeks = Sleep

  1. He is seriously beautiful. Those lips…and cheeks…and eyes. Babies just make me speechless. And I'm SO glad he's letting you sleep 🙂

  2. Can't believe he is 12lbs. already…AND sleeping through the night. Syd is 12lbs,12 oz…at 6 months and still NOT sleeping through the night! Great blessings…so happy for you. You all look great…miss you tons.

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