4 months

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Having your own kids really makes time pass right before your eyes in lightening speed.

Weighing in at 14 lb 9 oz
Measuring 24 3/4 inches

Sam tried some cereal this morning. He wore most of it. We’ll keep trying.

He has started laughing more and more…talking more and more. Rolling over with a little pull on someone’s hand. Holding his head and chest up during tummy time. Hitting himself in the head with his rattle. Singing along when someone sings. Watching every move we make. Getting more fun each day.

Aaron left for New Mexico…and I leave for the great state of Oklahoma Sunday for a little vaca. Should be interesting traveling with an infant. Let’s hope the passengers beside us on the plane like kids who often squeal at the top of their lungs. Oh boy.


3 thoughts on “4 months

  1. He has the same head shape and cheeks as my Sullivan. SO yummy 🙂 I'm sure he wears your kisses all the time! What a precious boy, Hollie – I love getting to see these updates!

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