Denver, the Creedon’s, and the aunties

It’s always great to be a part of good friend’s weddings…but it’s really great when you see two people who are such fabulous people commit their lives to each other because they are better together than single. Katie and Patrick are definitely that type of couple. How encouraging to see two people do it right and see God honored. It leaves me quite speechless.

After almost missing our connection, my fabulous traveler, and I made it to Denver with snow on the ground. But since beautiful Denver never disappoints, it was about 70 degrees in about 48 hours after landing. Who wouldn’t want to live in Denver?

The beautiful bride. She was absolutely stunning.

Staying with Karm…seeing Dr. Morris Morris and auntie Scotty…and seeing many other college friends was such a treat.

Karm and I stayed up til about 12:30 the night before the wedding finishing this.

It was worth it. Katie had a cake buffet at the wedding. Great idea and was executed beautifully.

Great walks through fun neighborhoods. Happy hour. Meeting Aaron’s cousins for the first time. Making some good guac and quesadillas. Brunch with yummy breakfast. Apologizing for my son’s stinky bottom. Catching up on people’s lives. It was great.

And who can resist a cute little behind view like this?


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