Daddy’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Aaron, Papa, and Daddi. We’re thankful for you. Thankful for my great dad. Thankful my husband has a great dad. Thankful my husband IS a great dad. Thankful Sam has an incredible example to learn how to be a great dad.

Reasons why Sam loves his daddy (and yes, he told me):
He tickles and makes me laugh
He takes me to the beach and lets me eat sand
He gives me baths and sings to me
He reads good books to me
He takes me out the shop to watch him work
He plays with me when he gets home from work
He prays over me
He lets me ‘perch’ high up on his shoulder
He feeds me cereal every night
He is patient when I’m cranky
He changes my diapers
He takes me outside to look at the birds, trees, and to go on walks
He makes me smile when he walks into the room
He dresses me in onesies
He looks like me
He is teaching me how to walk
He loves me more than I could ask
He loves my mama too

See how he looks at his daddy? I think Sam and I are both pretty smitten.


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