We like San Diego

Five years ago, Aaron moved here.

This became our first home in San Diego. 614 H Avenue. We were newlyweds. And lived in a 550 sqft apt. We were our own dishwasher. We could watch the fireworks from SeaWorld from our windows. It was a great first place.

And this was our Christmas picture that year…minus our cute little addition. I think we’ve aged a bit too, but we won’t talk about those wrinkles.

These are great friends…we hung out a lot back in those newlywed days. None of us had kids. Now we all have boys. Zeke is almost 3, Sam 9 months, Mason 7 weeks. Fun. Aaron even had some fun tossing Zeke around…you can ask him about that one.

Sweet Kate. Friend from my Guam days…her husband is in Afghanistan. She is great…and is going to Europe to see her man for a vacation in a few weeks. Happy for them.

Lovely weather you have, San Diego. Maybe you could bottle that up and sell it to Corpus Christi. That would be splendid. You can keep your dry air, though…I prefer my baby not coughing at night.


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