My wife left me….

Not sure if it was the lack of ceiling in the hall…the mold…or the assortment of repairmen coming through the house. In the end…Hollie left…with Sam.

She said it was just for the weekend.

Our A/C ducts will be replaced on Monday…to the tune of $$$$. Hopefully there will be something left for Sam’s college fund.

In the meantime, I returned home after work late Friday night to hear a nice “HIIISSSSSSSS”, and thought to myself, “Aaron….that sounds like water”. And it was water. Spewing from the PVC to copper connection into my house from the city’s meter. A big wrench, a shower at the neighbor’s, a round-robin to four different hardware stores at 8am, $4, and two hours of labor later…we (actually I) had water. I am a bit disappointed Lowes did not have blue PVC cement…

I would like to dedicate this post to my father. I think growing up as a kid of Ron Schaub saved me about $100 on the broken pipe…and a bit more on the drywall repair coming soon to the hallway ceiling. Thanks dad…but I could use some help taping and floating the new stuff.

…and we’ll see if my wife and child are back on Monday.


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