Sam @ 11 months

I don’t think he could be any cuter. I’m biased, I know.

He is crawling. Standing for a long time by himself. Took his first step on Monday. Will walk with you holding just one hand. He’s ready, I think to take on the world. Eek…our world is about to change!

He waves. He has eaten everything we put in front of him (with gusto, might I add). He’s a champ at Mother’s Day Out.

He falls on his head…a lot. Any suggestions for a helmet?

His morning nap is now only about an hour and his afternoon is much longer. I hope we’re not losing a nap.

He pushes his cart around like a champ. And laughs the whole time.

He still loves to read books. With gusto, might I add. Non-board books aren’t an option around here since he loves to eat paper. Both of our bibles have pages missing that were ingested.

His place of security is in mama’s arms, right hand fingers in mouth, left hand playing with hair, head on mama’s left shoulder. If you don’t have hair, he won’t cuddle…Aaron has tried.

He is 30.75 inches long and weighs a good 23 pounds. For that reason alone he needs to start walking to save his mama’s back.

He loves the bathroom…playing in the toilet…falling into the tub…unrolling toilet paper.

He is such a flirt…is still very happy…and is a joy to us. How thankful we are! Sam, we love you…we love seeing your little personality come out…we love getting to see you learn and discover. Thanks for bringing so much life to this house!

{This pict was amidst many classics from our impromptu ‘swimming hole’ on a tarp in our backyard…more to come later.}


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