FBB has taken off and I’ve been doing some serious baking. 10 pans of cinnamon rolls and 15 loaves of bread this week! Check out the ‘Tasting Tea’ we did here. We did the same thing at church on Sunday morning too!

We’ve got a walker, folks. Though he has yet to practice his moves at home, he took 6 steps for our entire small group last night! Maybe he just wants/needs a big crowd to get him movin. Get ready Mimmi and Daddi for next week!

We’re wrapping things up this week because Aaron and me (minus the cutie) are headed to Portland to see our friends, the Eddleman’s. Happy 5th Anniversary to us!

We’ve had 7 inches of rain in the past 36 hours. More on the way. Might need to borrow a boat if you have one. I heard some were kayaking down their street yesterday. Thank you tropical storms.

I was getting out bigger clothing for Sam and realized I missed a whole huge sack of cute summer clothes he didn’t get to wear. Not like Sam really wears anything other than a t-shirt and diaper…but hey, that was kinda sad for me. Oh well.

I enter the world of 32 year olds this week. Wow. I used to think that was really old. Now look where I am. At least I’m married to someone still in his 20’s.


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