To the Northwest and back.

Oh Oregon, how lovely you are!

Aaron and I left on my #32 last weekend for a week in the Portland area and it couldn’t have been better. Perfect weather, perfect traveling partner, delicious food, good friends, fabulous wine…and fall. FALL, my friends, is something I have not seen (via coloring leaves) in a LONG TIME. Way tooooooo long. Seriously, I want to move north now. Corpus Christi, you’re great and all, but your leaves do not change color. And for that matter, neither did your’s, Guam!

The Japanese garden…Hoyt arboretum…the crazies on Alberta on Last Thursday…the oatmeal brulee…the Moroccan feast…Bread&Wine…the corn maze…Mt. Hood and all the apple and pear orchards at its feet…great people like the Eddleman’s, Emily, and Stephanie…and going to a city where you can bike all around. Novel concept you NWers have.

{Notice Aaron’s breakfast…3 large fried pieces of chicken on top of a waffle. Portland is heaven for foodies and this place, called ‘Screen Door’, was a NW take on Southern food. Good. And I don’t usually like grits.}

The Moroccan feast. So good.

The port-a-potty. And cutie Laurel.

Public drinking fountains…they are all over the city.

The Japanese Gardens…

Mt. Hood

Multnomah Falls

Good friend, Emily, DROVE up from LA to see us (and the Eddlemans, but they were having a baby) and she and our new friend, Stephanie, joined us for a wine/beer-tasting-sight-seeing-adventure. What great times, lovely ladies!

One of the greatest parts of being in Portland was to send off Josh and Laurel to go meet their baby girl, Galilee Halleh. Through an incredible story, God has blessed them with a lovely little girl that was born on the Friday we were in Portland. The birth mom went into labor on Wednesday so we hurriedly packed them up and they drove through the night to California to meet their baby girl. So excited for them…Congrats, Eddlemans! God is good.

Though we didn’t take the little boy with us, he was too busy to miss us as he went on bike rides, played on the trampoline with his cousins, gained some weight (seriously), slept like a champ, and took off walking. Everywhere. My world is a bit busier these days. But he’s cuter than ever. My sis took pictures of him while she was keeping him one afternoon…click here. Don’t you just want to eat him up?

Special thanks to Mimmi and Daddi Schaub and the Beadles clan for keeping the cutie alive. Heather, I’m paying you back this week (doubly over and over)…I hope I come out alive! smile.


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