We’re poets around here…

If you don’t a Christmas card from us, you won’t see the little Christmas rhyme we put together to sum up our year. So…here it is.

Merry Christmas from the growing Schaub clan
We’re still in South Texas where we always use a fan.
Aaron is flying plans and Hollie is baking bread,
Sam is laughing, running, jabbering, and likes to be fed.
We really have loved shore duty and will enjoy this last year;
Where the Navy will send us next is still very unclear.
A baby will join our family the end of this May,
Indeed, we’re doubling the diapers and fun for each day!
Thankful we are to celebrate Christ’s coming as a baby boy,
Because of Jesus we’re grateful for true life, hope, and joy!
Love ~ Aaron, Hollie, and Sam

And to stick with our our rhyming theme, Aaron’s gift was delivered via caroling from two lovely men sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music (not promising this is completely G rated–sorry):

Holiday mornings when you go out hunting
Warm cookies dropped into milk for a dunking
Lovely surprises your wife loves to bring
These are a few of your favorite things

Your wife in a short dress with neat undergarments
When you don’t say to a student, ‘O Darn It’
Yummy food cooked up with a spicy zing
These are a few of your favorite things

Cute little Samuel with eyes oh so blue
A ‘boyfriend’ in Norfolk who wants to see you
Aircraft that hover with rotors not wings
These are a few of your favorite things

When they’re in Norfolk
And their family’s grown
When we’re feeling sad
We simply get on a jet plane and go see them
And then we don’t feel so bad.

I videotaped the whole thing, but I have yet to figure out how to get that on here. One day…

Yes, we’re going to Maryland and Virginia to see some of his best buds. It should be fun.

Aaron left this morning on a ‘cross-country’ with a student. However, he made sure I checked my email. To top off the holiday poems, I got this in my inbox in the past 12 hours:

So we have a surprise today.
Something special before Christmas day.
You’ll need an overnight bag.
But don’t bring little Sam or it will be a drag.

Amber will be by around 1,
to collect our little one.
you’ll need to be driving by 2,
so you won’t be overdue
Pack something nice
for our hot date tonight
and pack some warm jammies,
the accommodations aren’t that glammy.

Your hubby will meet you near the Conolly ranch
But the trip isn’t over, just about half way
We’re headed to the big city because there’s a special choir to see
Love you lots, drive safe, I’ll see you around 3.

I’m just gonna say it: Aaron is the greatest. So glad he knows I love surprises, events, good music, get-aways, and being with him. I’m off to get ready for the weekend!

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “We’re poets around here…

  1. thanks for your sweet comment! 🙂 it’s good to catch up via your blog as well. congratulations on expecting #2!!! that is so exciting. Also, so wished i lived around there to buy some of your yummy bread, it looks amazing.
    merry christmas,

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