My Dreamy December Date.

This past weekend was fun. My hubby left early Friday morning with a quick email to me telling me what I was to do (check the last post).

The sitter came at 1230. I jumped in the shower and got ready. Then I drove up to Oakville (half way to San Antonio) to meet Aaron. We jumped in the car together and headed up for our fabulous date in the big city. We ate dinner at Boardwalk Bistro and got to linger over our multiple course meal since we didn’t have “little cuteness” hurrying us out of the restaurant after a large tip to clean up his mess. Aaron had fish and chips and I had the lobster risotto. Yummmo. Such great food for this foodie that has limited options down here at the end of the earth.

Then after a nice lingering dinner, we got back in the car and headed down to the Mission San Juan Capistrano for the San Antonio Chamber Choir’s Renaissance Christmas concert. The mission is part of the National Park outside of San Antonio that I’d actually like to visit when it’s not dark. The buildings looked beautiful and were very rustic. This was inside the mission…with the choir, obviously.

There were about 60 people there. Nice and intimate. We were some of the youngest there, by far. But that’s okay. The music was fabulous and some songs were familiar from my JBU Cathedral Choir days. It’s really hard to describe in words the deep emotion and strong memories of being a part of a great choir experience…the worship, the friendship, the billowing overtones from perfect harmonies, 8 or 12 part harmonies, incredible soloists, a rich art that I hope to always enjoy. Loved every minute of it.

My hot date.

(Forgive me, I have serious red eye and did not edit this.)

We returned to the ranch and spent the night here. So quiet except for the coyotes out early the next morning. We kept nice and toasty under the down comforter…Thanks, Conolly’s for allowing us to partake of your quiet oasis.

They even decorated a tree. Aw…

We ate breakfast at a local greasy spoon where everyone had cowboy boots and hats on as they were probably out to go check their cattle (or act like it). It was a cold morning!

A big thanks, even though he’s heard it, to my best friend who made this such a fun getaway for me. Aaron…I love you. Thanks for loving me well.


One thought on “My Dreamy December Date.

  1. Before you leave C.C., you really should visit all 4 of the missions around S.A. I think they are amazing. I think we visited the one where you heard the concert when we went to the Alamo Bowl, maybe 10 years ago, remember? This is one think we like to do in S.A. You are one handsome 2-some,all dressed up. Must say, you do clean up well.

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