POG in jeggings and boots

This past weekend I got to have a little reunion with three of my best friends from college. Tera, Karm, Alli, and myself were a bit inseparable through much of our JBU days and it’d been a while since we were all together. We met up in Denver where Karm lives…we ate yummy food, talked, shopped, laughed, remembered, cried, laughed some more, and then had to go home.

We ate foodie food. Beautiful food. Banana bread french toast.

We saw Karm’s work place. Isn’t she lovely?

Little Lydia Mae joined us for the weekend. She was a very good baby.

It’s a bit difficult to put into words how fun it is to be together with friends that have known each other for almost 15 years.  I never really knew true friendship until I went to JBU and these were three friendships that changed my life. Their loyalty, commitment, love, joy, and graciousness taught me so much and I’m still grateful.

We were crazy in college…and did things you probably couldn’t get away with now. But how glad I am that we did it! While we do look a bit like Point of Grace (POG), we are probably a bit rougher around the edges, especially together. And now we wear jeggings and boots. T, go get you some now.

Saturday night was the best part of the weekend and I write this only for me and the girls to remember…to remember how much we laughed, how God showed up and was definitely in our midst, the safety to be vulnerable, the grace of non-judgmental listeners, the freedom in knowing your not alone, and the commitment to continue walking the journey together. Love each of you dearly.


5 thoughts on “POG in jeggings and boots

  1. So thankful for each of you and how God brought you all together at JBU…and how you still minister to each other. True sisters in Christ!

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