a little perspective

Yesterday our AC decided that it would freeze over. That meant we had no AC for the night here in South Texas. We had plenty of people that we could have stayed with, but at 8pm, the thought of packing up our little family to spend the night somewhere else was a little overwhelming. So we pulled out the fans and slept in our underwear.  It really wasn’t that bad.

This morning the AC guy came and of course, there is no Lennox dealer here in Corpus that carries the part needed. Not sure why there is a Lennox AC in our house if there is no Lennox dealer here. Weird. Since it is Friday and people don’t typically work on the weekend, the part needed out of Houston can’t be shipped/won’t get here until Tuesday or Wednesday. Awesomeness.

This is where family comes in since it’s hard to tell your friends, ‘Hey, we’re going to be staying here with our crazy-i-like–to-bite-and-hit 20 month old and my three week old until our AC is fixed.’ I couldn’t do that to someone even though I’m sure I would welcome someone into our house in our circumstance. And…the friends we are staying with tonight might be receiving a new foster child tonight (child #4 for them)…how gracious could they possibly be?

Tomorrow our dear friends are holding a shower for sweet Gwen so after the festivities, we’ll be heading up to Nac for some cooler air and unexpected time with family. Not sure how that 6 hour car ride is going to go with me, the toddler, and the baby who eats frequently in the afternoon. Prayer…lots of prayer. Aaron, of course, still has to work so he’ll be fishing this weekend and sleeping on someone’s couch. (I don’t think he’s too bummed.)

It could always be worse…we still have a house, with power, with an AC, with running water, with a great backyard, with a cold refrigerator of food, with rooms with ceiling fans. I needed a reminder of how blessed I truly am.


One thought on “a little perspective

  1. Hollie-
    Thinking of you and praying for you! By next month, you will have family to stay with in Houston when things like this happen. Hugs and love–

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