the trip i want to forget

Two weeks ago our A/C went out. South Texas is hot. It’s hot everywhere…it’s the middle of summer. No one wants to without A/C for a week, so I loaded the kiddos up and headed to Nacogdoches to stay with my lovely in-laws. It was a Saturday after we celebrated Gwen’s arrival with a little baby shower our friends threw for us…and Sam had just gotten up from his nap. I fed Gwen and loaded up the car…little did I know that this was going to be a trip from h$!!.  Just how hard could 2 kiddos be traveling 7 hours? ha

We got an hour down the road and G started screaming so I pulled off to feed her. Since I couldn’t exactly let Sam run around in the Whataburger parking lot, I put on a trust Baby Einstein video and let him watch it while G nursed. Thankfully she’s a quick eater. Change her diaper and on the road we go again. I didn’t change his diaper since we were only an hour down the road…but probably should have rethought that one.

Soon after being on the road, Sam begins to scream and so I start throwing books, snacks, and whatever else I could find to keep him entertained so we wouldn’t have to stop again…I was on a mission to get to Houston! The screaming doesn’t get any better and he begins to throw the food down on the floor, which should have been the next sign for me to figure out what was going on since this kid never turns food down. I talk to my in-laws who are in Houston waiting on me so help me drive (thank you, R&C)…and they hear the screaming and how long its taking me to get anywhere…they begin driving south to meet me.

I make it to Wharton (about 3 hours out) and decide to get Sam some supper and change his diaper. When I undid his car seat I knew I was in trouble. I’ll spare you the details but it involved a change of clothes, a package of wipes, a towel to put inside the car seat, and a fresh diaper. Poor Sam had been sitting in the worst diaper I have ever changed (I’m not choosing to insert the picture of the diaper I took and texted to Aaron. You’re welcome). And yes, I was that mom wiping my son down in the Whataburger parking lot as he stood there finally relieved I was doing something about his mess. A Whataburger employee came out and said, “You know we have a changing table inside, right?” and I kindly replied, “You don’t want this inside…but thank you.”

At this point, I put a clean diaper on Sam, threw him back in his car seat and grabbed my other screaming child to feed her. At this moment, my heroes of the day, my in-laws, drove up. They took Sam in the truck and headed to Houston. Once we arrived, we again had to pull over because poor Sam was a bit traumatized and was screaming like crazy…I think he thought I left him since I was in the other car.  I jump in the truck, Claudia drives my car, and I read books to Sam until we have to pull over again to feed Gwen. We get her fed…I call Aaron and tell him what a fabulous trip he’s missing…and we get on the road again, bound and determined not to have to stop again.

I thought I was in the clear and was trying to laugh about this crazy day..our crazy life…and then I hear a little girl projectile vomit. I knew this wasn’t good. It was 10pm and I couldn’t see anything so I took my phone and snapped this to see what had happened:


Poor thing puked all over herself. I pull over again to wipe her down and finally drive into Nacogdoches around 11:30. Yowza…what a trip.

After staying in Nac for 5 days, we got to come home to glorious air-conditioning. Thankfully Aaron flew up to help me drive home…and our kids were very well behaved and didn’t scream much the entire trip back. Awesome. I am a mom…and this trip certified me again as one.  I’m blessed to have my babies’ poop and puke on my hands in one day.


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