did you know?

~ That you can write your Compassion child online now? How convenient is that? You should sponsor a child now if you don’t…it’s a great thing Compassion International is doing.

~ Gwen has outgrown many of her 0-3 month clothes and is now is size 2 diapers? Slow down, baby…slow down.

~ We’re going to Colorado in October and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to put a fleece on and feel a bit nippy.

~ I’m taking the kiddos to Oklahoma next week. Let’s hope the 100+ degree weather has passed by then.

~ All my immediate family will live in Oklahoma by next week.

~ I need a pedicure.

~ Sam told me yesterday he needed to go to the potty…but I missed the  window of opportunity. Next time…

~ I made yummy cornmeal blueberry pancakes for breakfast today.

~ We watched “Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead” last night.  Its inspiring and convicting. We might just try a juice fast…

~ Bubble outfits are my favorite for Gwen. Please make sure she’s still not wearing them at 13.

~ I love when Sam has blueberry mouth. He loves them and it makes me smile to see his purple mouth, face, hands…

~ I bought myself flowers yesterday. Aaron is great about buying me flowers, but I couldn’t resist the $4 gladiolas at HEB. HEB, I’m gonna miss you when we leave Texas. You truly have been good to me.

~ I love porch nights…



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