Over the decades according to TIME

Time did an article on how much time men and women contribute to their families outside of work over the decades. Here is some of what they found:

In hours per week, Married fathers are blue, Married moms are pink

Food Preparation and cleanup:

1965     0.9    16

 1985     2.2     10.2

 2010     2.7     7.6


1965    0.5    15.3

1985     1.8     9

2010     2     8.1 

Child care:

1965     2.6     10.6

1985     3     9.3

2010     6.4     12

Paid Work:

1965     47.8     6

1985     42.5     19.7

2010     40.6     22.2

   Interesting, huh? There was another graph that showed moms with full-time jobs have the largest total workload, logging fiver more hours a week than dads and just 10 fewer hours of child are than stay-at-home moms (when kids are under 6). They work 76 hours a week. Nonemployed moms do 25 hrs in childcare and about 35 hours a week in unpaid family work. Fathers work the same amount if mothers are working full time, part time, or none outside the home…about 68 hours a week.  While there might be some discrepancy, I thought this article was interesting seeing how overall, more dads are helpful today than they used to be in the home.  {So glad I have one of these husbands that does help out a.l.o.t.}



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