I never thought as a Navy pilot’s wife we would experience so many crashes within our squadron. Tonight it happened again, but this time with good news that the guys bailed and are doing okay. That totals three aircraft in three years. Five survivors and three tragedies. That’s a lot for the type of community Aaron is a part of.

One of the pilots is a friend that lived out in Guam with us…Aaron has known him since the Academy…great guy…he’s soon to be married…and I’m so thankful he’ll get to see his bride walk down the aisle.

N0, we don’t know what happened yet and I probably will never know since that stuff is classified.  Don’t bother asking me.

Aaron’s up at the hospital visiting. I’m still processing. Gratefully praying. Pray for these two guys and their families…for our squadron…that the other pilots will get back in the planes tomorrow and fly and not be haunted by ‘what could be.’

And then tell those you love that you love them. Do it.  They need to hear it. Life is just too short.


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