In 2.5 seconds

It’s truly amazing to me what can happen in about 2.5 seconds. Almost every time I sit down to nurse Gwen, Sam goes crazy. He brings me medicine from cabinets he shouldn’t be into (thankgoodness for child-proof tops). He plops huge heavy tractors on my lap like I should play with him NOW. He comes up behind me and pulls my hair…hard. He runs up to me with Aaron’s toothbrush in his mouth. He hits Gwen over the head with the metal tractor trailer. He yells, ‘Elmo’ like he should get to watch Elmo anytime he wants. He opens the pantry and pulls out nuts or panko or anything his little man hands can reach.

While some days are better than others, today is one of those days where I wonder how crazy my little tornado can make me. It’s days like today that I’m reminded why I’m memorizing, “Do not grow weary in doing good…for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.’ There are probably more days than not that I want to give up. I want to lay down and stop correcting…sending him to time out…telling him for the millionth time to stop pushing the buttons on the dishwasher…asking him to stop shoving things into Gwen’s mouth that might look like a paci (though she doesn’t take a paci)…telling him not to bite…encouraging him to be soft and not pinch so stinkin hard.

Thank goodness mother’s day out starts tomorrow. Thank goodness for nap time today. To recharge. To realign my heart. To choose to love again once the little tornado gets up.


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