He got his limit

Last weekend we drove up to Midland for a little Schaub family hunting fun. The guys that is. It’s dove season up there (soon to be here) and so they hunted.

And they each got their limit each day.

Midland, for those of you not knowing your Texas geography, is not a quick trip from Corpus. It’s a 9 hour trip with two kids. I wouldn’t say this was our happiest trip yet. I think we both ‘got our limit’ when it came to car time with the kids. And…only to do this again in two weeks but a few more hours!

Unfortunately these were the only pictures from this weekend. (Notice Sam’s book.)


This was texted to me when I asked, “are you done yet?”


Somehow on the way to Midland my camera got smashed and thankfully the only part damaged was the shattered UV filter on the end. Saved my spendy lens thankyouverymuch. You should have those on the end of your lenses if you don’t, friends. This meant no fancy pictures with the family. Bummer. But I’m sure the menfolk were glad to not have me snapping pictures in their faces.


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