Little lady at five months

Here she is. Her little personality is so laid back and happy. She loves to act serious and then giggle. She is ticklish and will giggle giggle giggle. Gwen, you melt our hearts. Love you so much.

{Make sure you notice her “lounging pose” on the bed. Oh my.}

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2 thoughts on “Little lady at five months

  1. Oh Hollie. She is SO very precious. I think one of my favorites is her little feet on the hardwood floor. I love those details of babies. Makes me miss it when Auds was that tiny.
    And her on the bed is just too much. Beautiful photos. The light is gorgeous! What kind of camera/lens are you using? You have a gift.

    1. Thanks friend! Lens is 50mm (my fav). Canon 40D is the body. The light is great on our bed (where I take most of her Picts) in the morn…old houses have nice huge windows 🙂 Saw your kiddos on FB…such cuties for Halloween!

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