Fieldtrip to Daddy’s plane

This slideshow is waaay long. But I couldn’t cut many since it tells a story. This is part of our story of what life was like for us in 2011. Aaron as a pilot. Sam and Gwen are little. And I had a camera in their face when I could. They won’t remember much of our time in Corpus, so I tried to capture some of it last week. Sam has known the sound of a plane from very young. He knows his daddy flies planes and helicopters (anything that goes in the air, really). He loves to see the plane. So here it is…Sam, the mini-Aaron, in his flight suit going to see the plane. {And don’t forget pretty Gwen in her pink co-pilot shirt.}

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Thank you, Aaron…for being willing to do yet another photo shoot (aka chasing while smiling) with our kiddos. One day they will be grateful. (And I promise you won’t have to pose for many more pictures in the next year…)


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