It’s still in there

Tomorrow I’m going to guest lecture for a graduate class. I have every excuse not to go, but I’m posting now to remember that when I immerse myself in the things/subjects I’m passionate about, I remember how much I love it and why I hope to do this full time one day.

I’ve had little time to prep but after digging the cob webs out of my brain I see that I still have it. Though I change diapers, read Dr. Seuss, and do puzzles all day long, I still have a brain. That feels good.

Another military spouse friend of mine is going back to work soon and she’s been working on her resume. She’s funny and I appreciate her insight in all the stuff we DO as moms. Who knew we went to grad school to do all this?

I’m not complaining. Just thankful my thousands of dollars for education and endless hours of studying and researching weren’t in vain. And that I do get passionate about people working cross-culturally in an appropriate, respectful, effective way. In my dreamworld I get to study this more one day. Thankful I get to talk about it tomorrow.


One thought on “It’s still in there

  1. Hey there Hollie!
    Hang in there! You’re gonna make it. Sure some days won’t be pretty, but you’re gonna make it kid. We’re thinking of you guys.
    Matt, Mandy and all those sticky people 🙂

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