Gwen @ 8 months


This little one is such a delight. Almost always happy. Always smiling. Content to sit, or be held, or eat, or feed herself cheerios, or play with Legos (not into the baby toys anymore). She’s a scooter and gets all over the playroom to what she wants but took several crawls today. She has one bottom tooth. She can clap…and does it when you ask. She takes lots of falls and tackles and snotty/slobbery kisses from Sam. She’s tough…she’s going to have to be. She can pull up to her knees and get into things. She likes to jump on your lap. She knows when Aaron or I am gone. She feels safe with Sam around. She sleeps well but lets us know when her blankets are off and she’s cold. She has lots of blonde hair. She is patient and knows I’ll feed her when I get a chance. She is beginning to enjoy baths now. She is in a big girl carseat. She’s beginning to like swinging. She loves to be outside. She loves to wake her brother up in the morning. She still takes two good naps…sometimes three if the other is cut short. She has eyes for her Daddy. She laughs at Sam the most. She is ticklish. She is a snuggler. She is a gift…eight months has flown by way too fast.

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