On behalf of the Navy, I apologize.

This was the phrase out of the detailer’s mouth as Aaron began working with him on new orders…since his orders to Afghanistan were cancelled. Aaron was nine days from departure…we were on a little road trip (just the two of us)…and this was the big news. But nevertheless, he had new orders within 30 minutes: going to Bahrain for about 10 months leaving end of April. Have no fear…deployment is still coming.

If you’re not a military family, you’re probably thinking this is fantastic news. It really is. And it isn’t. Looming deployments have a natural tendency to begin detaching and pulling away from those you love as you prepare to leave for a while. We had started this and so now we’re in ‘live normally until he really leaves’ phase which can be funny and weird. The other military wives I’ve talked to understand…they give me this, ‘oh, that stinks’ or other choice phrases. It’s all quite hilarious looking back how a week ago I would get sick to my stomach thinking about the looming year ahead.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very thankful to have Aaron home an extra two months. We just get to delay the inevitable a bit longer and take the time we do have today. Who knows, he might even see Gwen walk or witness Sam wearing big boy underwear. We have big goals around here…

An unexpected gift is what these two months are. And ‘On behalf of my family, thank you Army for getting rid of that job.’


One thought on “On behalf of the Navy, I apologize.

  1. Think about having an early birthday party for Gwen before her daddy leaves. Then you can repeat the whole thing again in May!?

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