23 hours

*Aaron writing

We are under one day to go. Hollie and I went to dinner last night while great friends kept the kids. We would highly recommend the restaurant (The Pelican Club in Port-A), but we would even more highly recommend what we did over dinner. Both phones came out and we looked at the pictures from the past year.

It was a good year. We saw almost all our close friends by visiting: Annapolis, Norfolk, Denver, DFW, OKC, Tulsa, NW Arkansas, Portland. I saw the Atlantic and Pacific from the T-34.  There were great hunting and fishing trips. We saw the Aspens turn color in the Rocky mountains; San Antonio gave us amazing Thai food, train rides, and Shamu. Sam learned to talk, some favorites being: taa-ko (taco), sy-ber(spider), Eer-R-UU?! (where are you?), oo-oo hat (sock-monkey hat) and CHOO-CHOO!

The best memory was the arrival of our baby girl.

There were hard times…very hard times. The winter and spring were the most trying season of our marriage. We saw other relationships crumble.  A friend spent six months in prison as an innocent man. Times were not always kind and the world is a very hard place, but last night those moments where just that…moments.

Whatever distraction the phones created in our world, the pictures served as a testament to God’s blessing and faithfulness. It was a good year.  This year will be a good year because “we know all things work together…” (you can finish the rest).


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