Where’s Daddy?

This is a phrase I hear a lot these days. Granted, he began this quest in needing to know where everyone is at all times well before Aaron left. I often just turn the question back to him asking where Daddy is. Sam is a funny one…very relational and always needing to know where everyone is.

So to help him understand where Daddy went, we went back to the Richard Scarry book to remember what happens at the airport.

He understands Daddy went to the airport on Sunday where they loaded up his bags, he walked up the stairs into the plane, and then zoomed off in the jet plane. Usually he answers his own question with ‘He went to work’ or ‘go in jet plane.’ Oh the simple mind…yet how quickly his wheels are turning.

By the way, these books are great. Very busy. Very used in this house. He carries them around every day wanting me to read them all day long. It’s a curse/blessing rolled into one.

On another note, Aaron is doing great. Sitting through boring briefs. Working out. Eating. Skyping at night. Seeing friends in Norfolk.  He goes to South Carolina after this week and then a quick trip through Tennessee on the way to Bahrain.

We’re doing great…other than both kids getting Roseola this weekend. I love contagious viruses that are caught at Mother’s Day Out…and show up over the weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have been checking in on us through texts, emails, or phone calls. It’s greatly appreciated and I hope it doesn’t stop in a month. smile


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