The camera in my head

I really wish I had some sort of camera lens embedded in my forehead. I realize that wouldn’t be amazingly attractive, but hey…my husband is deployed for a year so who am I trying to impress? {You’d see this if you saw me at the grocery store or dropping off Sam at school.} Anyway…my goal for this year has been to chose joy. To laugh. To stop and create moments. To enjoy moments. And see the funny, especially when sometimes things aren’t so funny.

And since I don’t have any pictures of this next event I’m going to share, you’ll have to envision with me what occurred.

Wednesday morning we met some friends at the aquarium for a little fishy time, picnic, and possibly water play at the splash park. We got there a bit early and did our first ‘run through’ before we met up with all the friends. Run through means literally that: Sam runs from tank to tank and I chase him with Gwen in the sling or stroller. He’s a fast one so if he actually stops to look, I can catch up.

After the run through we headed downstairs to meet up with the group and we gathered by the stingray tank. It’s a petting tank, so I’ll clarify that the stingrays have had their barbs removed and are safe to touch. In the Sesame Street version of visiting the aquarium, it looks like this:


We were chatting and carrying on with everyone {cue the camera in my head} and I look over and Sam’s legs were in the air kicking…his head submerged down in the water as he was hanging over the side of the tank. He was struggling and obviously couldn’t reach down to the bottom to push himself up or tall enough to touch the floor anymore. Supermom mode kicked in and in .45 milliseconds I decided I shouldn’t jump in the tank because it wasn’t deep enough for me to swim, but instead to run around the pool to where he was and pull him out. That’s what I did…and I think I ran faster than I ever did in a state track meet.

Sam was still Sam. After choking from all the saltwater he drank and gasping for a bit of air, he was fine. We took off his drenched clothes, wrapped a towel around him, and proceeded to the alligator tank (upon his immediate request). With no tears, hopefully a bit of healthy fear, and snack in hand, he carried on.

I’m laughing now as I tell this story because of course my son would plunge himself into the sting ray tank to touch something slimy…especially when I’m not looking at the moment. Thankful he is okay. Thankful he is so resilient he picked up and kept on. He taught me a few things that day.

The day went on with a lovely picnic of PB&J’s and fruit with another quick run through’ to see the ‘fish-eeees.’

I promise if you come to see us, it won’t be without adventure…even at the aquarium.


2 thoughts on “The camera in my head

  1. Oh, I love this! I think Same and Adam must share some of the same DNA. This week is was Sumac poision and a trip to the Dr.!

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