the thoughts swarm in my head

Too bad there isn’t an app yet that writes blog posts in your head and publishes them.

My sister and her family (all seven people!) are descending down to South Texas for a visit this week. They’ve never been here…it’s going to be crazy with seven little people and three adults in this house. They have never visited us in our married life, so this is a big deal. Stop by if you want a headache…or a laugh. We’re pumped they’re coming.

I finally figured out that Sam has been saying “all aboard the choo choo train” instead of my interpretation of “albert the choo choo train.” I was having a hard time figuring out who Albert was.

If Facetime didn’t exist in my current world, our kids wouldn’t know their grandparents…or talk to their daddy. It’s a dream technology that I realize only privileged people have, but I am grateful. It really has fostered relationships around here. We use it multiple times a day.

Gwen decided to wean herself this past week. And began a revolt on drinking any milk. Yes, we tried every kind of cup, blah blah blah. {you don’t need to leave a comment with suggestions since we’ve probably already tried it…} We’ll just say she’s just had to earn her textured, flavorful yummy food time after she finishes her bottle. I think I have a little foodie on my hands…gotta love her.

I was teasing Aaron that I have been working out more since he’s been gone because I have wonderful friends or babysitters that give me the time off to go swim. I don’t think that will have to change once Aaron comes home.

Speaking of Aaron coming home, he gets a short stint home before he heads to Bahrain (he’s been training stateside). Yes, it has thrown us a curve ball since we already said goodbye. But whatever…I’ll take any time with him I can. We do life best together anyway. He comes this weekend!

Sam has been singing the ABC song when he goes to sleep. It’s really cute. But it’s not cute when he yells for me in the middle of the night to come and put his blue blankie on him. Seriously child, it’s already wrapped around you.

Gwen is almost walking…she’s not a cuddler anymore. On the move. On the move. On the move. She doesn’t have time for that baby stuff anymore.

I started reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker. Whoa. It’s conjuring up all kinds of good things inside me. If you’re reading it, or have read it, let me know.

I’m making Resurrection eggs with some friends this week with our kids. No, I’m not super mom but I’m trying to be intentional. I’m sure Sam will lose all the contents of the eggs in 4.7 seconds, but we’ll have backup replacements.

It’s windy here in Corpus but I think I felt our house move during nap time today. It’s a little taste of Oklahoma wind here in Texas.

We have some really really great friends here. While most of you reading this blog are dear friends who don’t live near us, we have truly been loved on since Aaron left. This past week we had one day where we didn’t do something with friends…every other day was filled with friends. They have brought dinner over, had us over for dinner, invited us for play dates, come watch my kids breaks, stop in for tea breaks, take Sam to the park breaks, and the “come over and eat dinner and we’ll play with your kids and bathe them before you go home” evenings. It seriously has caused me to think deeply about community and how this is how we should live…together…not alone…messy…filled with occasional processed foods and shortened naps and late bedtimes all because our lives are filled with love. The calls and texts and random emails have spoken deeply. God has shown up and shown me Himself through these people (you people). He surrounds us extravagantly. Thank you.

I’m not sure why I started making bread at 8 pm tonight. Along with baby food. Shouldn’t I learn not to stay up later than my kids?

Do you have Easter traditions? (other than egg hunts…) I’d love to hear ideas…

Sam thinks Gwen is now of age to tackle. Most of the time she can take it and tries to fight back. But when he body slams her, I have to intervene. Poor girl is probably going to try out for the football team like I wanted to in 6th grade because I was bigger than all the boys but I will have to distract her with other hobbies.

All roads lead to Fairview, Oklahoma. This was confirmed again as I learned this weekend that the pastor (and his huge family) of the church we’re attending spend a year in Fairview back in the 60s at the First Baptist Church. Crazy. (My JBU girls…I know you’re rolling your eyes at me right now.) And I didn’t even bring it up. They asked me if I had heard of Fairview once learning I was from OK. Honest.


I’ll end with this picture which only caused my husband to stumble. ‘Jealous’ was his text response. This is part of our family here who comes over almost weekly for beer and pizza. Can you tell we’re related? Sam loves his Tía Sara and Tío Joe. I love that they still come although Joe’s drinking buddy is gone for awhile. Anyone else a Papa Murphy fan?


2 thoughts on “the thoughts swarm in my head

  1. Pray for you daily! Love your sweet blog and do glad God is sending angels to help!! Enjoy Angie’s visit! I’m sure the laughs will be many!

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